Thursday, May 28, 2009


so, i got to work this morning nice and early, in a cute summer dress and bright blue socks with my little pink slingbacks, headed back to my closet, got everything set and. . . my camera died. and my charger is at home. so, once again, i'm going to have to cop out with some photos i took for the weardrobe closet a couple nights ago.

i may have explained this some yesterday, but basically, weardrobe invited me to be a part of their closet, which means that i get to go and pick 3 things from the site that i want to borrow, and they send it to me. a few days later, i ship it back, using the label they sent. my package was here waiting for me when i got back to work on tuesday, and it included a couple of things that i hadn't asked for - they wanted me to style a few things from urban outfitters, at least 3 times each, and take some photos. who am i to say no to the people providing me with clothing? so i styled 'em up in my disastrous bedroom, and here's one of my favorites.

shirt: urban outfitters
sparkly tights: forever 21
shoes: bloomingdales, forever ago
bow clip (on shirt): my mom's had these shoe clips forever.

i think i have some things coming in the mail today that i am extremely excited about, so i'll be sure to charge up my batteries tonight to be ready for tomorrow.

it's thursday! almost friday! hallelujah!

xo audrey


  1. Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog from the borrowing clothing website. I like your hair :) And the bold choice to wear sparkling grey tights with this top. Also I LOVE the "orange" dress from an older post (not very familiar with colors in english sorry!)It is so cheerful and trendy and retro at the same time. I love it! Bye...

    Lili (from France)

  2. Very cosmo feel to it. Kind of borderline seizure which is a complement.