Saturday, August 8, 2009

ugly pants take two

happy saturday! a quick post before i run outside to drink bellinis and soak up some more sun. tonight my friend rachel of glasses glasses is having a party tonight in williamsburg, so if any one in new york is looking for something fun to do with a bunch of sweet, creative folks, you should come. details here.

here is pair 2 of three of the pants i bought at housing works the other day. these ones are a little short so i've been wearing them cuffed a bit. these may be man pants. i can't tell. the pockets are so legit it seems like they can't be made for ladies.

shirt: UO
pants: housing works
shoes: devotte
necklace: street lady

and the very sweet jenni from dailyworkit tagged me to list seven interesting facts about myself. here goes:

1. i grew up without tv. when i was about five my parents realized that my siblings and i fought a lot less when there weren't channels to choose from, so they obliterated them altogether.
2. not to brag, but i can whistle better than pretty much anyone you've ever met. imagine andrew bird + your grandpa. coincidentally, andrew bird is my dream man/future husband.
3. i know all the words to 'forgot about dre.'
4. i think i've mentioned it before, but i love milk more than any other consumable on earth.
5. born in southern california, grew up in south carolina, high school in southern illinois and college in chicago.
6. i went to art school in chicago for graphic design, until i didn't. i never finished my degree.
7. . . but i'm currently 5 weeks from graduation at the french culinary institute in new york.

anyways. i'm going to cat nap and then head to williamsburg. hope everyone has a good saturday!

xo audrey


  1. So cute. The pants look really nice on you... and I love good, deep pockets, the kind you can throw the contents of your purse into...

  2. LoveloveLOVE the man-pants. And I've said it before and I'll say it again: I adore those shoes!!!

  3. those pants aren't ugly! you make man pants look sweet and girl. and wow- french culinary school- sounds like fun!

  4. the party sounded like fun (if only I was 8 years older- curse being 13).... But You rock those man/women/utterly awesome pants.

  5. Funny Coincidence: I grew up in South Carolina, studied Graphic Design, and now live in Chicago.

  6. I LOVE the looseness of the shirt and the pants together. I always tend to pair one tight item with one loose item but am really trying to kick the habit.

  7. you grew up in SC? i live in charleston. :)