Thursday, August 20, 2009

one more time, with feeling

still trying to figure out how to do an outfit post in my pretty much bare bedroom. i'll make it happen later today. until then - i've been eyeballing this dress for-ev-er, not surprisingly another quail; it's now down to $194 but only in sizes xs or m. anyone have experience with their sizing? i have one dress in size small that fits pretty smug, but it's a different material. . . i want it so desperately.

readers, i appeal to thee. and, i will announce the winner of the contest as soon as i've worked things out with chickdowntown.

xo audrey


  1. hey audrey, i have this dress (in the green color). i was partly inspired to buy it from all your posting about quail :) i found it ran a little snug on me, both at the chest (although i have a large bust, so par for the course) and at the hips...i wish i had sized up a little. i don't know though, you are so lithe and skinny, you could probably manage an xs :)