Sunday, August 9, 2009

alice in wonderland

laaaazy sunday. i was at the party last night until past 4 am, dancing like an epileptic for the last 3 hours or so, so i let myself sleep in pretty late this morning then lazed over to the bagel place down the street. since then i've just been relaxing and watching movies, including pineapple express. in one scene james franco (who is, coincidentally, filming in cobble hill today, according to twitter) and seth rogen are in the woods smokin' the dope and blowing it onto a caterpillar; it called up alice and wonderland, which i re-watched (the disney version) for the first time in years recently and was reminded of how fucking cool of a movie it is. i'm moving soon and have been trying to find some cool inspiration; there is much out there.

clockwise, starting at top left: red side table from dust furniture, alice in wonderland sofa, tall tables, bookshelf, teacup stool, stacked storage, smiley chair.

also found this vanity fair editorial that annie liebovitz shot back in march; it features the designer who created the dresses the model wears as a character from 'alice' in [almost] every shot, beautiful and brilliant.

so, finally, i decided to play a little dressup and do my best alice.

skirts: lorick (striped) forever 21 (blue with bow)
shirt: american apparel dress
tights: american apparel
gloves: vintage
shoes: nine west

i'm continuing to browse for apartment inspiration, so i'll continue to post. i discovered today that the second season of 'this american life' the tv show is available on netflix instant watch so i'll be glued to my computer for awhile.

Alice in Wonderland from Jason Sweers on Vimeo.

hope you're enjoying your lazy sunday, too.

xo audrey


  1. i just started reading your blog and i have to ask -- what do you to do to your hair? it is amazingly cute and well-styled. i love the cut and that it has some curl to it...

  2. an amazing editorial and the alice in wonderland-esque furniture was too! i especially like the first outfit u wore and the gloves are fabulous!


  3. You make an amazing Alice!

  4. ah, so many lovely things in this post! love the crazy twisty furniture, and adore that editorial. and you look super cute too! that lorick crinoline is gorgeous, i was debating getting it earlier this year as well.

  5. The Alice In Wonderland-editorial is probably one of the most blogged-about editorials there are, for a good reason: it's gorgeous! And I love your take on Alice!

  6. Not only are the Alice outfits fantastic, but Annie Leibovitz is just amazing.

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