Tuesday, August 11, 2009


when i saw pamela yesterday i mentioned that i was thinking about doing all primary-colored outfits this week and she said, "oh, you should tie it in with godard films!" i hadn't seen any of his work before, but i found pierrot le fou online and watched it yesterday and oh, it is beautiful. the frames are dripping with very 1960s-tinted red, yellow, and blue and aside from that, the outfits that anna karina wears are fantastic.

if you have netflix, watch it. it streams.

and so, my first [godard-inspired] outfit:

shirt: anthropologie
skirt: housing works
shoes: melissa

ok. the contest deserves its own post so i'm going to wait an hour or so and then post it. (i know i keep promising it, but i mean it this time, i swear!) until then. . .

xo audrey


  1. yay! I glad you watched them and love it! I highly recommend La Chinoise and A Woman Is A Woman for more primary color inspiration!

    Great outfit too! The pencil skirt is very Ana Karina too :)

  2. Oh, we also listed the first batch of items you modeled for us! I hope you love it:


    More to come!

  3. Didn't know blue and red could go so well together before seeing your outfits :)

  4. oh gosh, i love that dress she is wearing in the 3rd/5th picture, how perfect is that?

    your outfit is super cute! i have those shoes and love them. and i *wish* i had that blouse!

  5. ooo SUPER cute! Love those shoes.

    love godard.