Sunday, August 23, 2009

girl talk

have you ever fallen in love with a complete stranger? i did today, with a boy playing a banjo in the bedford stop, for about five minutes as i waited for a manhattan-bound L. he was thin, tall, handsome but in such a way that you don't notice it right off. he sat on a trumpet case and had a bass drum kicker under his right foot and a tamborine under his left, and he looked me right in the eyes while he played a song beseeching his love to return to him and i stared at him, mouth somewhat agape, and fished in my purse for any cash and dropped a fistful of quarters into his case. the train came and i hesitated before getting on, but my exhausted body won out and i let the doors close and take me away, and my brief infatuation ended, just like that.

i went to williamsburg this evening to catch a free girl talk show on the water. i arrived on the late side and there was a line snaking four blocks long but i squeezed through the police barricades and slipped past and into the park. it was amazing. i mean, the music itself is just about as catchy and fun as you can get, and i was cell phone-less but by some miracle found my friends in the middle of it all and we danced and danced and it rained but just right and we ate afterwards and watched a man save himself from choking. it was one of those things you never see in real life - all of a sudden his girlfriend was screaming and he was standing up and grabbing his neck and then just picked up a chair and slammed it into his plexus and vomited all over the table. it was silent for awhile and then a guy at the bar said, "dude. that was hardcore." and everyone clapped.

an outfit post when the morning light comes, but until then, i stumbled upon the most amaaazing etsy store last night while trying to fall asleep. totally betty draper worthy.

visit the shop. it's a bit too pricey for me, but maybe one day. . . if the right occasion comes along. . . if only this were the kind of thing women still wore every day, right?

until tomorrow,

xo audrey


  1. it sounds like u had quite an eventful day! so this musician was he any good?


  2. i went to girl talk too! and i also saw the banjo guy! but he was fixing a string so i didn't get to hear him play before the train came. sad.

    and major find on that etsy store :) one day...

  3. my friends went to see girl talk too! that choking incident sounds nuts wow. maybe youll see the banjo guy again :)

  4. a banjo? don't find yourself caught up in that life.