Tuesday, August 25, 2009

glass slipper

so, two things. one is, i seem to have misplaced my other pink and purple bootie. i'm going to continue to scour after this post, but it matched too perfectly not to wear with this outfit, so just imagine my second foot isn't barefoot.

secondly, it is everything i can do to not wear this shirt every single day. i LOVE it. the color, the fit, the length, the ruffles on the back, the huge arm holes - it is the perfect summer shirt. if you come across it, i cannot recommend it highly enough. i've been scouring the internet lately to find it in other colors. such is my adoration.

shirt: quail
skirt: american apparel
shoe: pour la victoire

i'm going to head out for a. bonita b. laundromat and, later, c. dinner in dumbo. have a lovely tuesday, everyone!

xo audrey


  1. I'm wearing my Quail shirt today, too soul sista!

  2. Ha, cute! I often take pictures of my outfit with two different pairs of shoes to try them out...maybe I'll post one someday.

  3. the shoes are amazing! Lets hope you find its twin...