Friday, August 21, 2009

thirteen bees

good morning!

i have to find a good place to get a bagel and a cup of coffee in my new neighborhood. i've been sequestering myself in my bedroom for hours a day because it's just too hot to go anywhere else, including the hallway; i keep my ac unit pumped to 68 degrees and my macbook playing mad men reruns.

today i have class, and i'll start making items from my menu - a red wine sabayon with honey crisp tuiles and a white wine & blueberry soup with blackberry sorbet and pistachio macaroons. until then i think i'll wander into manhattan and check out the moma while it's free.

shirt: a dress from dalaga
pants: brooklyn industries
shoes: steve madden

i am not 4 feet tall, also. the way i have to place the camera to get enough light in my new room messes with the perspective of the door knob and makes me look tiny. i kind of like it.

a friend of mine forwarded me a link to this etsy store and i am totally kvelling over it. i NEED that hat, but i'm not sure if it will fit. . . i may risk it.

all right, time to get my day going. happy friday!

xo audrey


  1. Love the monochromatic look!!!!

  2. sharp eyes. it's escaped me. cute etsy shop. she named her items so aptly.

  3. the hat was too small on me, too! xx