Thursday, August 13, 2009

ma & pa come to brooklyn

hello everyone! it's been a very gloomy day in brooklyn, which is a fantastic excuse to sleep in, eat macaroni & cheese, and watch dvd after dvd of a certain 90's hit tv show. okay, friends. that chandler gets me every time.

anyhow, my parents are coming to visit tonight! they live out in california and haven't both been out to see me since i moved to new york over a year ago. it should be really nice: dinner tonight, and then tomorrow they are coming to my school for a dessert tasting. i, with the help of my partner, will be making an almond panna cotta surrounded with a spun sugar dome, served with a lavender honey and almond creme anglaise. there are only 2 big projects left after this, and then our FINAL. i am graduating in just over a month. soon after that i'll be back in chicago. i kind of can't believe it. as much as i've been looking forward to moving back to the city i consider home, when i really imagine leaving this place i've grown to love so dearly it's kind of scary.

shirt: dress from anthropologie
shorts: market publique
shoes: payless

these shoes are beyond their last legs. i bought them two christmases ago at a payless for $6. back then, they had 2 inch heels and fully functioning soles. i've worn them down to zero heel and several holes in the soles. but i can't bring myself to throw them away. (it's this kind of behavior that led my mother to throw away beyond-repair shoes, jeans, and favorite shirts during my childhood. like 6 years ago.)

so, i'll try a post or two over the weekend, but with mom and dad in town it's hard to say how much computer time i'll have. have a lovely weekend if i don't get to post tomorrow!

xo audrey


  1. Love the bright spunky colors!!

  2. It takes a lot t wear two bold colors at the same time, you do it so wonderfully. I LOVE this look!

  3. i'd wear those shoes to death as well. i'm almost like you with shoes but it makes more money sense for me to ditch them than repair them.

    two of my most fave colours. what bag did you wear?

  4. Wow! I love the colour blocking you did. They're gorgeous colours together.

  5. I love that outfit, very cute. I always wear my shoes down too but I hate to see good things thrown away before they absolutely have to be.
    Just wondering, how tall are you?

  6. i have the same problem of letting go of shoes...
    But the outfit looked great!!

  7. Love this outfit! The shoes are just the right color for the yellow/redish combo going on.