Wednesday, August 5, 2009

favorite shirt, take two

good morning! if you're in new york today you know how hot and sticky it is. now imagine this heat and humidity but trapped in a 12'x12' room filled with ovens and burners. needless to say i got my hustle on while making peach cobbler this am.

shirt: smith & butler
skirt: diy'd
shoes: devotte
necklace: mama

i made this skirt months ago and haven't worn it - after putting everything away a couple days ago and realizing how much i have that i never wear i'm trying to get through it all (mostly so i can justify hanging out to it.) i had a long slip that i turned into a shirt (the one i wear constantly, like here for example) and took the bottom ruffle and added it to a white american apparel skirt that i rarely wear. i think i like it here though. with the long shirt and necklace it's kind of flapper-y. if it wasn't so damn hot i'd add some elbow length gloves to this ensemble and be ready to charleston.

i've long been a fan of bebaroque (i wax poetic here and here) and perusing pixiemarket yesterday i discovered that not only are their tights finally available in the us at a store i love, but they have an entire new line available and it's gorrrrgeous. buying tights in august doesn't feel quite right but these puppies are bound to sell out (just like this blouse i'm still kicking myself over resisting) and i gotsta get some while i can. get yours.

and lastly on the wistful list of wishes: nina ricci on gilt yesterday, and i missed the dress i love best.

lots of beautiful, flapper-inspired frocks though. . .

of course, even the ones that aren't sold out are a liiiittle outside of my price range. oh well. a girl can dream.

happy hump day!

xo audrey


  1. Get on the wait list. A lot of things come back at gilt and then you have a moment to think before you press the "buy" button. My motto is always, "if it comes back to me, then it's meant to be mine."

  2. oh that skirt is lovely. did you make the ruffle from the slip or transplant it to the new skirt? what a great diy idea for my many, many slips.....

  3. I thought that was a dress! I love your ruffle skirt!

  4. A. I EFFING LOVE these tights. I wonder if I can DIY them????

    B. I nominated you for the Creative Blogger award...think of seven interesting facts about yourself :)

  5. i Agreed, beautiful designs and I love the first one as well! I just love to wear the long shirts for women it so comfort.