Wednesday, August 12, 2009

red yellow blue

just a quickie today, i'm heading out the door and have lots to do. primary colors outfit #2 comes from the market publique shoot:

shirt: market publique, it could be yours!
pants: american apparel
belt: market publique
shoes: vivienne westwood for melissa

oh, a quick note about hair. a few people in the comments have asked what i do to mine; unfortunately, the answer is pretty much nothing. i haven't had it cut in over 8 months and i just let it air dry; the new york city humidity takes care of the rest.

and a big, huge thank you and hello to all the commenters and new readers. mwah.

more soon when i'm not so crazed.

xo audrey


  1. So beautiful. I love this shot of you...we rarely see your face straight-on, or your smile, and they're both so pretty!!!

  2. you look adorable :D! what a fun outfit. and jeez am i jealous about your hair routine xD!

  3. Those shoes are amazing!! And I love the outfit as a whole:)

  4. Fantastiic blog! Very interesting.

  5. cute cute cute outfit. and i love your hair. so jealous that you don't have to do anything to it. lucky you!

  6. Those shoes are the best I've ever seen, I love them. I'm going to put them up and my blog and say where I found them (here, obviously) I hope that's okay. (:

    Your blog is beautiful, thank you!

  7. thanks everyone so much for all the sweet things! xo