Friday, August 7, 2009


i had a nice, relaxing day yesterday and went with a friend to pick out some shoes for a wedding, a task we managed to execute in 3 minutes flat. to reward our efficiency we spent another hour shopping. we went into housing works, somewhere i've been meaning to hit up for awhile. i was browsing for awhile and none of the usual suspects were catching my eye - dresses, blouses, skirts. i meandered over to the pants rack and started to thumb through the options. i'm not really much of a pants wearer - until recently i only owned 3 pairs and wore two of them, ever. i find it much easier to throw on a dress with some heels and a necklace or two. but i recently acquired these babies (at the bottom) and i am kind of obsessed with them. i was wearing them yesterday and they inspired me to pick up 3 pairs of rather ridiculous, hideously long-croctched mom pants from the eighties. i was wearing my quail crop top (at the top) and i loved the way the ridiculous proportions worked together. i bought all three pairs, plus a cute vintage skirt, for less than $20 and headed to urban to find a couple shirts to go with them. well, expect to see a lot of this rather ridiculous look in the coming days; it is so comfortable and easy and as hideous as the pants are, i think it kind of works and i am actually pretty obsessed with them.

shirt: UO
pants: vintage, from housing works
shoes: enzo anglioni

we fried things in class on wednesday. so many things. cannoli, beignets, fried brioche doughnuts called bamboloni (or something like that,) churros. i left class feeling like i'd worked a day at long john silver's. it was delicious and disgusting.

i'm going to have lunch with rich and jess from weardrobe, but i'll post again soon. . . i maaaay (okay, i do) have a little contest lined up, so keep your eyes open.

xo audrey


  1. Mad love for the crop top!

  2. i love housing works! Did you go to the one downtown??