Sunday, August 2, 2009

weekend warrior

hello! sorry i've been bad at updating, it's been a busy week and honestly my clothes have been in a big heap on vanessa's floor since i moved in and i finally just got a place to put them (that'd be the big mirrored armoire behind me.) folding all my clothes and seeing them on the floor in their organized little piles was a little scary; it made me realize how. many. clothes. i have. kind of ridiculous.

the weekend's been weird, but pretty good all things considered; spent yesterday with friends and ended in a somewhat intoxicated but blissful state at spuyten dyvil in williamsburg. i was back in that neighborhood today and stopped into amacord on bedford and picked up this little number.

jumper: vintage, amacord
shoes: steve madden
belt: thrifted

i have to wake up ungodly early to make some pie, so i'm going to hit the hay. hope everyone had a good weekend, and i'll post again soon!

xo audrey


  1. cute jumpsuit!!
    And I totally know what you mean...whenever I have to move my clothes somewhere I am like, How did I end up with so many clothes? I am NEVER buying anything again! Then I usually go shopping haha

  2. u r tottaly rocking the jumpsuit!


  3. Yowza! What fun! I love it! Oh, and my clothes have now migrated into two closets AND a dresser. I need to cut down.

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