Monday, August 17, 2009

coney island

had a really nice visit with my parents this weekend, but i stayed in their hotel and neglected my laptop the whole time. my first order of business upon becoming reacquainted with my laptop was to download and watch mad men (thoughts? i want to rewatch it before passing judgement,) check my emails, and now i can finally do a quick post.

they got in thursday night and we had dinner at a great pizza and calzone restaurant in my neighborhood and then went to bed early (which baffles me, since it's three hours earlier to my parents, who live in california) and then woke up the next morning for a cuban breakfast and then a trip to the botanical gardens. funny how summer decided to finally show itself the weekend my parents come in. that night was my dessert tasting, which went really well and was a lot of fun; afterwards i just went back to my parents' hotel room, had some wine, watched some extreme vacation videos (we share a strange sense of humor,) and went to bed.

saturday we spent at coney island, and i am still kicking myself for forgetting my camera. never before have i been surrounded by so much delightfully tacky kitsch. i took a few photos with my iphone, and i am definitely dragging my friend amy back there when she visits in a couple weeks so we can play all the games my parents are too grown up for. (all of them.)

and to finish up the primary colored outfits:

pants: rodebjer
shirt: etsy, vintage
shoes: akira chicago

more soon to come.

xo audrey


  1. let the games begin! can't wait.

  2. I love your color choices... they always look so great on you and really pop. I wish I could put colors like that together... oh and I LOVE your shoes!! So great! =)

  3. Love the photos so much! Has nostalgic feel...
    So many lovely colors in that post. great blog :)

  4. really lovely photos, especially for an iphone! even without the poladroid effect they are just really well done. coney island is def a wonderful and tacky place.