Tuesday, July 28, 2009


good morning! i got an early start this morning with some breakfast at the french place near my apartment (iced latte and a baguette with jam and butter), sorted through the unemployment mess (i think i fixed it, cross your fingers for me), and decided to play a little dress-up to show some of the things i got at the antique fair and make up for the laziness of last night's post.

first let me go through the weekend a bit. i had a nightmare of a time getting to newark airport - i've never so much as set foot in jersey before, but was told that it would be easy enough to get to penn station and then just take any NJ-bound train from there. my flight was super at 6:30 am, so i decided to just leave early in the morning/late at night and get to the airport early to sleep, so i was sure not to sleep through my flight. of course the trains to jersey didn't start running out of penn until after 5 am (a fact i unfortunately discovered upon arriving at the station at not quite 4 am) so i ended up barely making my flight on time and getting about 2 hours of sleep in the process. sam picked me up from the airport and we went to his parents' to pick up the pup and then went straight to sleep. noon-ish we got up and headed to jam, a new brunch place right near sam's apartment. it was incredible (and sam's buddy alex designed the logo, and sam the menu, so we ate for free.) i had an eggs benedict with pork belly and spinach hollandaise; it was the first of much pork belly to be consumed this weekend. i'm kind of obsessed.

after breakfast, sam took me to the antique market on randolph. somehow during my five years of life in chicago i never made it out there - it is incredddible. sam says it's usually bigger than it was this weekend, too. of course my stupid camera died before i had a chance to take any photos of it, but i did pick up quite a few gems, and here's an outfit to show it.

hat: vintage, bought at antique fair
shirt: quail
skirt: actually a dress from h&m, i folded in the top (and i like it much better this way)
shoes: devotte
gloves: vintage, antique fair
clutch: vintage, antique fair
brooch: vintage, gifted from dee

there's more, too, but too much to involve in one outfit. and there was a woman there selling vintage fancy schmance purses (can purses be couture? what do you call fancy purses? this from the girl who seriously, until about 6 months ago, thought haute couture was pronounced "hot coacher.") not realizing how much gems such as these can cost, i picked up this miu miu and inquired about the price; upon hearing it i quickly set it back down. but it's amazing. and for a split second, i was tempted.

this bag was nearly impossible to find on the internet - i think it was only a concept bag never released in the US (or so it seems from my googling.) maybe it would have been worth the investment after all. . .

last, a quick post to tag the clothes i wore on the way to chicago: they're new, and new favorites as well, so they need to be labelled.

shirt: interlud, from smith & butler
pants: rodebjer, from dear fieldbinder
shoes: jeffrey campbell, from oak
belt: anthropologie

much love, muchachos -

xo audrey


  1. I love those blue pants! so classy!

  2. Love those Devotte shoes!! So darling! And that little floral hat is divine.

  3. Hello there. I'm so very glad you didn't spring for that scary hot coacher hair purse.

  4. I love both outfits in this post. Those blue trousers are phenomenal.

  5. are you sure the miu miu wasn't new? i have been seeing a LOT of faux hair on the fall 09 runways and there was a purse just like that. trying to find it for you.

  6. That floral hat is the best!!!!