Monday, March 30, 2009

weekend recap

happy monday everyone! insomnia struck me last night for the second sunday in a row, but for some reason i feel pretty alert today. maybe all the extra sleep on wednesday and thursday are carrying over. who am i to question it?

this weekend was short and wonderful. friday night was spent dancing in windows and taking shots with spramps and some of her friends. couches acquired. high-fives given and received. glasslands dance party sneaking. and dancing, naturally. saturday we had brunch and a lazy day spent in the sun, dipping in and out of boutiques, smoking on a roof and then going to a loft party in brooklyn and eating a giant slice of pizza in the back of a tahoe. yesterday i finally slept in, had brunch, then spent the evening sewing and cleaning my bedroom.

the result of some of that sewing is this shirt, which was a never-worn american apparel short sleeved shirt (one of the first things i ever bought at american apparel, i remember the stars in my eyes when i walked out with it.) i cut off the sleeves, hemmed them in, and added this panel of distressed shirt fabric from a tank top i'd unraveled a few weeks ago. ta-da!

shirt: reconstructed by me
skirt: american apparel
tights: same
shoes: pour la victoire
necklace: ebay

class tonight, then hopefully i have more luck sleeping. hope everyone has a pleasant monday.

xo audrey


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