Monday, March 9, 2009


good morning and happy monday! i woke up this morning before my alarm and got to work a bit early, because THAT'S how refreshed i feel after this weekend of sun and fabulous weather. i went to anthropologie after work on friday and picked up this skirt for $20, despite the fact that it was about 2 sizes too big for me and kind of looked awful. i liked the idea of it and figured it wouldn't be too hard to take it in on one side since it was an off-center skirt to begin with. and it turned out great!

i ended up sleeping at a penthouse in the upper west side that some friends were housesitting, so this outfit lasted me most of the weekend. i kept hoping i would run into the sartorialist; i finally felt worthy. the full thing:

shirt: an old slip i thrifted years ago, turned into a shirt
skirt: anthropologie, tailored to fit
belt: anthropologie
tights: anthropologie
sweater: old, thrifted
shoes: payless
new purse!: cool antique shop on the lower east side

and for this morning, back to drab; it's pouring outside and the temperature has dropped to the low 50's (which, frankly, still sounds really nice to me.)

shirt: anthropologie
necklace: erica weiner
skirt: american apparel
stirrup tights: american apparel
shoes: thrifted from etsy

i just posted a ton of photos from the weekend on my facebook page and don't particularly feel like pontificating much here, so maybe i'll post more later! hope everyone had as good a weekend as i did (although it seems unlikely.)

xo audrey


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