Wednesday, March 4, 2009

omg shoes

i foolishly signed up for the net-a-porter email list, and now i get a beautiful package of html in my inbox every morning, tempting me with beautiful clothes i can't afford. this morning they were announcing a sale (40% off!) which renders their usually outrageously expensive splendors still out of price range, but now close enough in some cases that i can almost talk myself into it. these shoes do not fall in that category.

but a girl can dream. anyway, if any of you have a lot more disposable income than i and appreciate gorgeous, expensive things, this is the site for you.

back to reality. . .

dress: american apparel
tights: old, from mom
shoes: payless

BIG test in class tonight, on cakes, so i'm hoping to dip out of work a bit early and have a cram session with some classmates. it's kind of amazing how hard a test about food can be.

happy hump day! we're gonna make it after all!

xo audrey


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