Wednesday, March 11, 2009

anthropologie roundup

also, real quick, i dashed into anthropologie after work yesterday (bought the belt i am wearing today, on sale for $9!) and took a look around to see that there is a lot of stuff i really like in there right now. and, maybe it's a conscious decision because of the economy, but i feel like the stuff i liked was less expensive than usual. generally when i am wandering around anthropologie and i see a dress i like and fumble for the tag, the sticker shock is great enough for me to quickly stuff the tag back in place and make a beeline for the sale section. but these are 3 dresses that i saw last night and loved, and was surprised that they weren't more expensive than they are.

underwood shirtdress, $168; carillo shift, $128; orava shift, $138.

now i just have to decide which one to splurge on when i get paid friday.


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