Friday, March 27, 2009


i have a completely predictable semi-obsession with audrey hepburn. up until about 3 minutes before i popped out of my mom back in the mid-eighties, i was supposed to be named lauren; after watching my mom caterwaul for a few hours, my dad conceded naming rights to my mom, who wanted to call me audrey. thank god. i love my name, and i love my namesake; i'm not one of those fans who has her bedroom wallpapered in breakfast at tiffanys posters or anything, but i'm a huge fan of her movies, her activism, and her style.

someone asked me the other day who i would "be," if i could be someone famous. i said audrey hepburn in love in the afternoon: gary cooper, paris, fabulous clothes, faux escapades.

having to think about this got me looking at photos of audrey, and all of her fabulous hats, and i decided to look into getting some of my own. i've never been a big hat person - i dread hat hair, and for a long time my hair's been too short to show from underneath a hat - but now that it's getting longer, and the sort of hats she wore aren't the sort you take off once you've reached your destination, i'm going to give it a try. everything vintage seems to be coming back into style, but i haven't seen any hats coming back - we'll see if that changes.

all above hats can be found on ebay, except the middle one, which is on its way to me as we speak!

i've been sick the last couple of days and not up to much. . . hopefully that changes this weekend and i have some new things to post.

happy friday!

xo audrey

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