Tuesday, March 17, 2009

st pats

happy st patrick's day, everyone! green has gone from a color that dominated my wardrobe to one that i find difficult to wear. what color shoes does a person wear with green? add brown and (especially with my features) you look elfin, another color is too much, black just seems off. this is actually a dress that i'd intended to include in my virtual frock-swap, should that ever happen, but now that i've maybe figured out how to wear it, i might just keep it.

another frustrating day of class yesterday. i was exhausted, and ended the night by having my arm slammed into a just-out-of-the-oven pan by my clueless chef (who didn't even notice, much less apologize, as i raced to rinse my scorching arm under cold water,) thus the giant bandage on my left arm. my appendages are pretty banged up overall, mostly from cooking, but also from having to wash dishes and my hands constantly - tiny cuts all over my fingers, cracked cuticles, burns here and there. at the end of this all, though, i'll have some truly tough mitts, which might be handy.

dress: anthropologie
necklace: bought off a lady selling her clothes on the street at midnight
tights: who cares
shoes: irregular choice
belt: forever 21

tonight, lots to do and little motivation. i don't really plan on celebrating st pat's day - last night i feel asleep with my hand around a glass of red wine, and i should probably just lay off for a little while. um, that sounds a lot worse than it is. my plans are basically to study for a test tomorrow, do a bit of sewing, and possibly meet up with a couple of friends for a nightcap. hope everyone has a fun holiday, and manages to brush all the green off their tongue by tomorrow. . .

xo audrey


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