Thursday, March 19, 2009

shoe battle

my shoes are being held from me against their will. i am doing everything in my power to get them back, but my best efforts are no match for the anonymity of the interwebs.

i ordered them online from a small boutique in portland about two weeks ago. i received a confirmation email and since then, nada. i've called. i've emailed. i've anxiously awaited the post every day, but all to no avail. what do you do in this situation?

and on the other hand i have my georgina goodman flats, which i dropped off to the cobbler a little over a week ago. i was promised they'd be ready yesterday, and when i called, told to come this morning instead; when i called this morning, the guy muttered something about it being a "big job" and "maybe two weeks" and that i should call back this afternoon to talk to the boss.

uuuuuuuuuaghaghhhh. i'll stop my kvetching.

shirt: not american apparel
skirt: forever 21
shoes: pour la victoire
necklace: mom
tights: have a hole in them. i own 3 pairs of grey tights and every single one springs a leak within a wear or two. what gives?

had a test in class last night - ACE! 98% on the practical exam. translation: my croissants are nearly perfect. it was very satisfying after an incredibly frustrating day. now we move on to petit fours, which is the unit i have been looking forward to since the start. bread is delicious, and i love the process of it, but it just isn't exciting; it's a lot of hurry up and wait. wait for the autolyse. wait for the bench rest. wait for the proof. wait for the bake. wait for the cool. petit fours are just tiny, beautiful bites, which are right up my alley.

tonight - finally a night off! i have plans to make dinner with my dear friend jess, skype my dearest friend ashlee, and dear god hopefully get a decent night's sleep.

until the morrow,

xo audrey


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