Friday, March 13, 2009

thinking spring

despite the fact that it was 24 degrees outside when i left my apartment this morning and my legs goosebumped all the way to the L. tonight in class we're making ciabatta, sweet potato brioche, irish soda bread and english muffins.

i got a $85 gift certificate from bloomingdales in the mail a couple of weeks ago and was filled with joy. then i visited the bloomingdales website and realized that bloomingdales dollars equal approximately equal 4 standard us dollars. translation, i couldn't afford shit. except! this cute silk dress, which i was juuuust barely affordable with my bloomie bucks.

dress: by aqua, from bloomingdales
belt: salvation army
cardigan: akira chicago
tights: anthropologie
shoes: forever 21
necklace: gift from ray ray

tonight? after class? there will be dancing.

happy friday! the weekend holds in store for me

brunch with an old college buddy
fancy times at milk and honey
hanging with my homeboys chris and john

i hope yours is fun-filled as well.

xo audrey


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