Tuesday, March 24, 2009

marni lovin'

i am not knowledgeable about labels, nor do i pretend to be. nor, really, do i want to be - since i've started paying more attention to other fashion blogs, i've started to see things i like and think, wow, that's cute, maybe i could find something by that designer i like! . . . and then experience [virtual] sticker shock when i find out that those shoes/that dress/these earrings are $900 or so. but i've seen two different blog posts mentioning the marni runway show, and i LOVED what i saw, so i had to check it out for myself.

i saw this first on glamorai's site - she made it into a nice little DIY, which i am attempting myself. this has meant scouring etsy and ebay for lots of brooches (and losing two bids on them in the process.) i'm hoping to make it out of work in time to stop in the salvation army before heading home to see what i can scrape together there.

i'm working on another DIY that i'll post soon. i'm having a sick day (wearing pajama shirt with some wide leg pants, verrry cozy) so no photos today.

xo audrey


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