Thursday, March 12, 2009

laundry day

good morning! thursdays are generally good days for me. i catch up on lost, get the night off of school, and bask in the knowledge that tomorrow is friday. today i have a pretty full list at work, too, so the day should go quickly.

class has gotten a bit harder. not technically speaking so much as we switched chefs, and the new one is. . . challenging. it's difficult because i loved the chef we had in level one, and this one just seems kind of bipolar; kind of spacey and meandering and then all of a sudden all barking and army general-esque. i really like the unit we're on, though; last night i brought home one of those giant bed bath and beyond bags LOADED with food: 3 different kinds of croissants (ham and cheese, plain, and chocolate,) a malty oat bread, 4 different kinds of danish (cheese, apricot with almond cream, pastry cream, cream cheese and blueberry,) and a cheese tart with onions and and bacon that's gonna serve as my dinner tonight.

shirt: vintage ck pajamas
shorts: handmade mary meyer
tights: two pairs, one anthro, one urban outfitters
belt: anthropologie
shoes: DSW

i have noticed a pattern in the shape of shoes i'm pining after lately. i ordered some pumps online a few days ago, but i haven't gotten a confirmation yet, so if for any reason that doesn't work out, i'm going to have to get one of these pairs instead:

left and right via; center shoes via buydefinition

tonight: more sewing. eating cheese tarts. probably drinking wine. trying to fall asleep before 2 am. and much, much more.

xo audrey


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