Friday, March 6, 2009

night and day

happy friday! today marks the first day of my life as a level 2 culinary student, and tonight we begin with savory breads. i can't wait.

my hair is finalllly starting to get longer. i mean, it's always getting longer. but it's finally getting to a point where i can see the difference. i'm about an inch away from a full ponytail, so i should be able to do that just in time for the warm weather that i hope is just around the corner. i REALLY can't wait to be able to do this poof <--- with my hair.

made possible with a hilariously ridiculous product called bumpits. once my hair is long enough i'm buying the package and wearing my hair like audrey hepburn every. day.


dress: an old skirt from express circa 2001 or so
sweater jacket: thrifted
tights: bebaroque from brooklyn fox
shoes: dsw
ring: forever 21

tights detail:

have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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