Friday, February 27, 2009

now we request your full attention as the flight attendants demonstrate the safety features of this aircraft

i've been sick for the last few days and have been wearing comfort clothes as a result. today, being friday, i'm hoping to hit the town after class so i made a bit of an effort despite waking up 20 minutes AFTER i have to leave for work in order to arrive on time.

dress: thrifted in champaign-urbana on my visit there this past weekend
tights: anthro
belt: salvation army
boots: thrifted from etsy

i SWEAR i'm going to get the frock swap rolling. my plate has been full to the point of overflowing for the last couple of weeks and i'm taking this weekend to get things in order - study for an upcoming test, clean my room, drop off laundry, wax eyebrows, open new bank account. i'm also trying to get third fridays back up and rolling and hoping to meet with some friends about that. perhaps i'll squeeze a thrift shop visit or two in there somewhere. at any rate, i hope to have something or another to post this weekend. . .

happy friday!

xo audrey


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