Thursday, February 12, 2009

baby's first gateau

we have officially moved on to cakes in school, thank jesus. i love bread, don't get me wrong, but breakfast bread is a different thing and not nearly as exciting. this is our first cake: a layered genoise soaked with framboise, filled with raspberry jam, iced with buttercream and bordered with caramelized almonds. YES. it was really fun to make. i get so much satisfaction from smoothing out the icing and creating perfect angles, and for those of you that haven't tried buttercream, you MUST. it is divine.

after class i hopped on the jmz just in time for rain to start, and after exiting dashed into the nearest bar to meet some folks. it turned out to be dodgeball team night at boss tweed's. the experience was rather like i imagine attending a state school would be. lots of guys in team t-shirts and spiked hairdos playing beer pong and duck hunter. when in rome - we played a couple of rounds (my team won both times. all that softball wasn't for naught,) realized it was past 1 am, and headed home, where i did not go to sleep as promptly as i should have.

it is a glorious 52 degrees in new york today, so i decided to celebrate with my new favorite dress. i found this at the flea market when i went a couple of weeks ago and i love its simple elegance. it's probably a bit dressy for work, but i thought after yesterday's cootie cutters (fuck you rod) i'd class it up a bit.

dress: vintage 60's silk crepe, according to the sweet girl i bought it from.
shoes: dsw

after loving this dress so much, i scoured etsy for some similar things:

this one via "pantastic"'s shop; lots of cute things, very reasonably priced.

samesies. this from deargoldenvintage. good stuff.

and that's all she wrote. . . until she writes some more.

xo audrey


  1. those are some hot cakes.

  2. ok. i want to buy that maroon dress. i need you to be my own personal shopper.

  3. do it, girl. it's only $28. you have my blessing.

  4. my friend just started an etsy page and i think you'll dig her stuff. i love the ring/bracelet!