Friday, February 13, 2009

80's night

happy friday! and bonne long weekend, to those of you fortunate enough to get one. i, unfortunately, have to be at work bright and early on monday, but i do get the night off of school. . .

a nice, quiet night last night; had a belgian dinner at petit abeille and then walked over to coffee shop with a friend from chicago, had a couple of beers, and went to sleep. i have class tonight, and friday nights have turned into girls' night with a couple of classmates; i think our plan tonight is to go to the pyramid club for 80's dancing. i tried to dress appropriately.

shirt: forever 21
pants: american apparel
boots: etsy
necklace: mama
socks: american apparel
note: that is a little ponytail! so little it is almost indiscernible. but it's there.

i really really really want some roller skates. i've been scouring etsy daily to try to find some that are fun and would fit, and so far i've come up with these:

i love the trouble this person went to to create the hideous backdrop. that's two ugly fabrics and 3 fake plants.

anyhow, i plan on hitting some thrift stores and quite possibly the flea market this weekend, so i'm keeping my eyes open for some skates. speaking of, a quick shout out to my little brother colin who totally broke his leg last night and is in the hospital. play safe, kids, and i'll post any finds later this weekend!

xo audrey


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