Monday, February 16, 2009


good morning! i hope everyone had a lovely valentine's day. mine was pretty uneventful. i DID, however, make it to the flea market, and find something i have been searching for on etsy for awhile.

a note: i feel kind of weird posting pictures of myself in a bathing suit on here, but i figure a. pictures of me in much skimpier swimsuits than this already exist on facebook and b. we're all adults and, you know, whatever. i think this one is pretty modest.

got this awesome, never-worn, pinup style swimsuit from the same girl that sold me the white/turquoise dress from a couple of days ago. she also taught me something very handy for anyone who buys vintage clothes online: i noticed the suit hanging on a rack, but the tag said it was a 10/11, which in modern sizes would be way too big for me. she explained that at some point in the early 80s clothing manufacturers switched over to modern sizing standards, but before then a 10/11 is the equivalent of a 2 or 4. so if you are buying clothes that are more than 25 or so years old online, and they list the tag size, keep that in mind. i also got the gloves at the flea market, from another girl who has a store near me in williamsburg. they match my coat perfectly and have lovely little pearl buttons at the wrist. the combo makes me feel like i should put rollers in my hair and do a song and dance for our troops.

i had actually been eyeballing vintage suits on etsy for the past week, and these two were already in my shopping cart:

these are both for sale at ladylydia's shop, a very reasonably priced store based out of new zealand.

and this one i just stumbled upon this morning, and i LOVE, from bigyellowtaxivintage.

last night i tossed and turned until about 5 am, so it seemed fitting to wear a pajama shirt to work:

shirt: vintage pj shirt, from mi madre
skirt: american apparel
belt: vintage, mom
tights: old, mom
shoes: vintage, etsy

my hair is so awkward right now. i'm trying to stay strong.

happy monday!

xo audrey


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