Monday, February 2, 2009

happy monday

good morning everyone!

i hope everyone's weekend was as lovely as mine. weekends like this make me so happy to be alive and in new york. highlights:

+ 40s and karaoke on friday night
+ brooklyn flea market, photo-taking, agyness deyn-spotting, tamale eating, hot toddy-drinking saturday
+ manhattain-brunching, spramps-hanging, and superbowl-watching sunday

i made some *amazing* finds at the flea market. i'll be wearing/posting them later this week.

the full set is on facebook, so you can take a look there if you want.

until then, nothing too crazy today, but it's in the mid 40s in new york today! i am able to wear a coat without an ugly coat underneath! life is good!

shirt: american apparel
skirt: american apparel
tights: anthropologie (HUE brand)
belt: vintage, thrifted at salvation army
shoes: purchased at lori's in lincoln park on my last venture to chicago
necklace: mama's

xo audrey


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