Tuesday, February 17, 2009

forgot my glasses

this morning. my room is a goddamned disaster. every night i swear to myself i'm going to clean it, and every night i instead climb into bed, push the clothes, gloves, headphones, and other crap to the side, and nestle down with a book/hulu/this american life until i fall asleep. i've managed to collect my laundry and drop it off, but that's about it. i expect once i finally get all the clothes off the floor and put away my outfit potential will grow exponentially. (clearly i am a nerd even without my glasses.)

annnyhow. today wearing one of the oldest pieces of clothing in my closet. (i use the term closet loosely, as all of my clothes are stuffed into a bookshelf cube. all the clothes, that is, that are not laying my floor in a lush, very expensive carpet.) i got this dress at a thrift store in chicago right when i moved up for school. i pretty immediately took it home and butchered it; it was before i did any sewing and i have always been very impatient and rather careless when making amendments to garments, so the hem, which i meant to just shorten, is asymmetrical, and the straps are simply tied around my neck. still, i love it.

dress: thrifted
cardigan: akira chicago
tights: hue (anthropologie)
shoes: pour la victoire!, via shopbop

i actually stumbled across the same dress, in different colors, on etsy a year or so ago and bought it, and shortened the hem properly this time.

there are some cute and similar options on etsy right now. . .

numero uno via easystreetvintage, and the second dress is from putonthatdress.

keeping pretty busy today - i'm gonna go make a sandwich. hope everyone enjoys their tuesday!

xo audrey


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