Wednesday, February 18, 2009

today sucks

and i am stuck at work waiting to hear back from people so it looks like i may not make it to class tonight, which feels me with a terrible sense of guilt and dread. work has been manically insane today - clients rushing in and out, last minute requests being barked at me over shoulders, the same 4 clients calling over and over as if they have their phones set to speed dial digital kitchen every 12 minutes. but, work is work, and i am grateful for a job and even more grateful for a paycheck, so i digress. if i miss class and keep my job, i'll take that trade.

as such i'm not going to bother taking photos of today's ensemble (it's not a bad one, tho) but instead post some real gems i found today, and one that i am expecting in the mail *any minute.*

and, quickly, a few sites you should all check out:
blog by a girl who worked at dk freelance for a bit. full of things i want so bad but can't afford.

nasty gal vintage genuine vintage and vintage-style clothing, impeccably hand picked by the nasty gal herself.

bijules heartbreakingly beautiful and stomach-wrenchingly expensive jewelry. i. want. these. earrings.

that's all from me for now, folks -

xo audrey


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