Wednesday, February 11, 2009

my little pony

i used to be obsessed with these things. one of my clearest memories from childhood takes place when my family and i lived in student housing in los angeles; one of my neighbors was a friend of mine, but kind of a bossy girl, and told me that i should trade her my favorite my little pony for two of her dumb ugly ones. she bullied me into doing it, and i cried for hours until my mom went over and made her give it back. anyway.

my dad remembered how much i loved them as a kid and put one in my stocking this year. it was a really sweet gesture, but now i just have this my little pony standing awkwardly on my already cluttered desk in my apartment, and so, i think i want to make it into a necklace. like a nice long one. some my little pony bling.

what do you think? too weird? i strive to get the looks i used to in chicago here and brooklyn, and maybe this would do just the trick. it would be so easy. one trip to the hardware store would do the trick. hmm.



    You could totally give the pony a little harness for it to hang from! Do it.

  2. ok. i'm gonna do it. i was inspired by this girl on etsy; her shit is kind of ridiculous, but in a wonderful way. for example:

    ps, i saw your cooking blog and i think we might be sisters from another mother. if you are ever in brooklyn let me know and we'll cook up a storm.

  3. If the full thing is too unwieldy to fit comfortably on a necklace, you could always just use the head; like a morbid reference to "The Godfather."

  4. haha! that necklace! so great.

    brooklyn could be in my future. i have a dear friend that just moved there and i promised a visit. we will cook.