Tuesday, February 10, 2009

nerd cool

hello everyone! i come to you this morning with crusty eyes and unshaven armpits. i'm sorry, but it's true. i flew back from chicago yesterday afternoon (missing the check-in time for my flight by exactly 8 minutes, i had to bump to the next flight, which got me back in at 5:05) and took a car straight to work, where i had to put out some fires and straighten some things out from the apparently disastrous temp that was here for me. i got out at about 8 o'clock, wandered around forever 21 for about an hour, then headed home (realizing upon alighting the train that i had left my suitcase at my desk.) i wandered down bedford for awhile, picked up a 24 oz stella, and headed to la superior, an amazing little mexican place near my apartment where i bumped into a friend of a friend. (at what point does a friend of a friend become a friend? hanging out without the friend present? we made vague plans to do so. i may have a new friend soon.) i ate tacos and scooped corn with mayonnaise and cheese and cayenne out of a cup and sipped my beer and read richard russo. i used to be very self conscious about eating out alone but i have grown to absolutely love it, as long as i have a book handy. i think it lends me a certain mystique.

after that i very nearly headed back to the lower east side to meet some friends for drinks but decided to take advantage of my proximity to my apartment and just head home. which i did, and it was grand. i woke up at 8:39 this morning (9 minutes after i should have left my apartment to make it to work) so i scrambled into the clothes i wore yesterday, tousled my hair, threw on my glasses (GLASSES! they came! they are miraculous! and i think i like them!!) and ran out the door. so i changed into this when i got to work this morning. stealthily. i don't think anyone noticed.

top: actually dress, from anthropologie
skirt: forever 21. featuring crinoline and everything! i love it.
tights: anthropizzle
boots: vintage, thrifted from etsy
necklace: rachel
glasses: real, not fake hipster asshole glasses. just for the record.

in tonight's episode. . .

i struggle to carry my jammed-full duffle bag all the way to queens. and then all the way to williamsburg. but not, no, to greenpoint.

i wander around the city in awe of the crisp lines and colors all around me, previously just a loud blur.

i regret for the nth time that i haven't remembered to wear gloves with my coat.

i finish empire falls, then sit in quiet mourning for a few moments that a book i have so enjoyed is, alas, fin.

happy tuesday, everyone. . .

xo audrey

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  1. eating alone with a good book is one of my favorite things to do.