Wednesday, February 4, 2009

hump day

happy wednesday! the week is halfway over! it's been an exhausting one already. last night rachel and i had a few people over and we made breakfast for dinner - rachel handled the baked eggs (with asiago cheese, sauteed spinach and onions - absolutely delicious) and i made orange cinnamon french toast out of some bread we'd made in class on monday. bloody marys were consumed. and a good time was had by all.

tonight i have class and then am meeting up with a bunch of people at beauty bar to celebrate the (temporary) return of andrea, an old producer here who now lives in chicago. after that i'll head to chloe with some other friends.

speaking of chicago, i'll be there this weekend! my friend dee is having a benefit for her gallery. if you are in the chicago area, you should come saturday night! it should be a really good time, and dee is the best of good people.

anyhoooow, i totally lucked out this week and got some unexpected cash in the mail, so i have a couple things to post; first yesterday's outfit:

(the full length shots all turned out blurry)

vest!!! bought it at the flea market. talked the guy down to $20. it needs some small mending and the shoulders kinda make me look like a football player, but i LOVE it.

yesterday i allowed myself to buy something at anthropologie, given my recent windfall:

dress: anthropologie
belt: anthropologie
tights: anthropologie
ring: forever 21
shoes: dsw

i guess anyone can make a good outfit out of a bunch of stuff from anthropologie, but whatever. i think i have tried this dress on in the store like 5 times but never let myself buy it, and this one is about a size bigger than i would prefer, but i'm going to do some hemming and hawing and it was 50% off and i am done justifying it.

see you chicagoans on saturday. . .

xo audrey


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