Wednesday, February 11, 2009

check my style in an eagle shaped mirror

it feels like spring! i'm taking full advantage and wearing a very silly outfit. i was taking pictures this morning and realized that there are very few places i can think of that would allow me to wear such foolishness to the office. i mean, these shorts are basically glorified underwear. i guess i justify it by wearing tights underneath. anyway.

last night was so much fun! a couple of friends came over, my roommates were both home for once, and we made all sorts of chicken nuggets (chicken and cheddar! dino nuggets! morningstar chik 'n' nuggets!) and tater tots with various sauces (well, various mustards) and hot dogs and drank 24 oz pbrs and spliffed it up. after dinner we all ate miracle berries and sat in a circle exclaiming over the extreme sweetness of lemons, but the relative indifference of guinness. received many tempting texts beseeching me to go out, but something about chugging guinness and eating a pile of lemons after all that cheap meat just made me want to go to bed. which is exactly what i did. and had yet another dream about having long hair. this one got so detailed as to having me come out of the shower with it wet and blowdrying it - flipping my head upside down to get some volume, the whole bit. what does it say about my psyche that my dreams are so. . . empty? (maybe just that i was stoned.)

shirt: american apparel
shorts: also american apparel
tights: anthropologie
shoes: pour la victoire
rings: forever 21 and quickly dying my fingers green

the shoes are new, and i love them. someone twittered about shopbop last week, and frankly i probably would have been better off if i had never known such a thing existed, but they do have some pretty remarkable sales, and these babies were like 75% off [the originally ridiculous price.]

tonight: class, sweet delicious pastry class. apparently monday was the last day of breads (for now,) so i think we move on to petit fours? of course, that's what i thought last time, too. i guess i am just anxious to start making cute little things. i went to a fancy dinner on sunday and one of the amuse bouches they served were something i had made in class. it was both exciting and somewhat disappointing. knowing how something is made takes a little bit of the magic out of it.

and maybe after that i'll finally get my ass out on the town. i've been going to bed early since i got home, which is great and all, but i need a fancy cocktail in my life.

xo audrey

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  1. My dear friend loves Shopbop! One time we went to a tiny fashion show with real people as models and the red head (always on shopbop) was in the audience.