Thursday, February 19, 2009

99 ways to cut, sew, and tie your t-shirt

is a book i have wanted every time i've seen it in the last 3 years or so, and i thiiiink today i'm just going to break down and buy it. i'll try to post one every couple of days if they jump out at me. maybe i can get myself sued for copyright infringement!

until i obtain said book, however, here is an amazing way to alter a shirt that i stumbled across on that blog i mentioned yesterday, publicpersonae. the girl in the video has a blog of her own:

she acts like i imagine i would if i posted a video tutorial: awkward and stoned. i find it charming.

edit: upon further exploring the girl's blog, i discovered that she is only 16. HOW IS IT THAT ALL OF THESE CHILDREN CAN AFFORD THIS STUFF?!? regardless, i take back the "stoned" comment. although it is certainly possible.


xo audrey


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