Friday, February 20, 2009

h&m dressing room

went out last night long and hard and woke up super late this morning, kept my hair in the ponytail i slept in, put on an old reliable outfit and dashed off to work. feeling extremely hungover today and so instead of posting anything new, here is something else that i'm waiting for: i've seen this jumpsuit on a mannequin in the h&m window every day when i walk by (there's a shop across from my office) and wanted it, but haven't stopped in to try it on; i finally got in last night, but the only size they had left was an 8, and it's a little baggy. lucky for me, the mannequin is wearing a 4, and they've promised it to me when they change her outfit.

the jumper i posted a couple of days ago came, but it's a little big and i can't decide if i should get a smaller size or just exchange it for something else all together. hard to determine how much a small will fix.

off to champaign for the weekend to visit my beautiful sister esther. hope everyone has a good one!

xo audrey


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