Friday, June 19, 2009


progress is being made. it is appalling that it can take a person 3 days to clean a room that's about 10' x 12'. of course, it's not like i've been cleaning non-stop. i manage many distractions for myself. and i don't really get started until well into the afternoon, and then i generally have plans at night, whether it's class or meeting with a friend. i hope to wrap it up today, though. i'm ready to sleep in a bed that is all mine, that i don't share with 18 pounds of clothing, lotion, umbrellas, and dvd cases.

dress: part of a frock swap of sorts with linsey of the indo projects. i shortened it yesterday (one of the distractions)
boots: irregular choice
belt: anthropologie

for the sake of full disclosure, i am not wearing this today. i wore it out last night, when there was a chill in the air and it was rainy and wet. currently, it seems, it is nearly 70 and merely cloudy, which means i may have to throw on a sundress and sandals and frolick outside for awhile, because that's sadly the nicest weather we've seen in these parts for some time.

until we meet again,

xo audrey


  1. your dress is gorgeous, and I LOVE those boots! also love the color effect you've got going on.

  2. I like your outfit!! i like this belt whit the dress.


  3. Love the boots and the belt!!
    I manage to distract myself when cleaning also!:) I don't know how it gets done!:)

  4. The dress is stunning, so I think it's worth the distraction! :-)
    Love how it looks with the blue belt!

  5. The dress is beautiful! The belt is a great complement to it too.

  6. you look so sweet :)
    don't worry about cleaning, i use my bed and floor as a closet half the time too :)

  7. love the pattern and the colors in your dress! beautiful!

  8. great outfit, love the dress!