Tuesday, June 2, 2009

i blue myself

tee hee. i've been waiting to use that one for a while. good morning! happy tuesday! or thursday, as tomorrow is my friday, since i am going to chicago for the long weekend thursday morning. tomorrow is my birthday! what big, exciting plans do i have? well, tonight i am studying for a test and packing for chicago, and tomorrow i am taking a test and having class! huzzah! i'll postpone any celebration until i'm on the ground in chicago, i guess; my birthday really snuck up on me this year and i haven't planned anything. hopefully next week i'll find a day to get some friends together for a birthday cocktail or two, at least.

i had originally been saving this shirt as part of my friday night birthday blowout outfit; but then i majorly splurged on a skirt that i'm going to wear instead, so hear it is. i found this at old hollywood, that vintage shop in greenpoint i mentioned a few posts ago. i give it two thumbs up. highly recommend. and if you check it in a couple weeks, you'll probably find some of my clothes there, as i'm going in next weekend to try to unload what i can.

shirt: old hollywood
shorts: akira chicago
shoes: je ne sais pas

trying to get a bunch of work done early in the day so i can (possibly, hopefully) sneak out a tiny bit early for a salon appointment. we shall see.

enjoy the day!

xo audrey


  1. the outfit looks great on you and i can't see anyone else pulling it off this way. i adore your unique sense of style.

  2. for the record, no idea why my legs look like they were shot in technicolor. i think the shadows must make 'em orange. i swear i didn't give myself a photoshop tan.

  3. this is seriously cute. oh where can i find such stores where i am? do they have an online shop?