Thursday, June 18, 2009

photo booth

hello! another day of unemployment. more cleaning. more clothes to sort through. it's exhausting, and the awful, drizzly weather outside makes it pretty depressing, too. apparently new york is in for ten days straight of rain; it feels like we've had ten already. i thought this was supposed to be summer?! i got laid off and couldn't wait to lie on my roof with a 40 and a book in a bikini, to take the train to parts of the city i haven't seen and just wander, to fly a kite in central park and eat meals al fresco. this will not stand.

shirt: anthropologie
shorts: american apparel
belt: salvation army
shoes: devotte

finally got the photos from the photobooth at sam's birthday party. here are a few favorites.

okay, back to work. aside from sleeping until 11 every morning, i think i have been working harder at home the last few days than i was at work. i mean hard labor! scrubbing, sweeping, loading, unloading, hauling trash and clothing and groceries. it feels good, though. now lets get some sun up in here.

xo audrey


  1. that last picture is lovely. :) also, i covet that shirt, just like the bible says i shouldn't.

  2. i am uber jealous of your shoes! and those photobooth pictures are priceless.

  3. you should mention... that the amazing paul elledge took those photos. yes he did.