Monday, June 15, 2009

something borrowed

good. . . afternoon! i spent much of the weekend at vanessa's place, so the credit for this outfit goes to her.

vintage romper (has a cut-out back and nice deep pockets)
belt: urban?
shoes: mine, from union square shop

today, i am determined to start on the right foot. okay, so i did sleep until about 11, but i am now going to grab a coffee and a bagel and then head back home to start on laundry and room-cleaning. i took this photo in the hallway of my apartment, so most of the clothes in it belong to a roommate; i need to get my bedroom to a place where i can actually see my feet planted on the floor for photo-taking.

i've got to get on it. more soon.

xo audrey


  1. such a cute romper! yellow is my new favorite color!...I love the shoes also, basic, but an awesome color:)

  2. I like the contrast of you in front of a bunch of mens clothing.

  3. nice pic. nice outfit. ah yes.. i was dancing around my bedroom this morning - yep, clothes on floor. my ma has cleaned the house. the cycle begins tomorrow.

  4. WOW! That romper is my favourite...probably ever. I love that you share a love for color, you're reminding me of mine!