Tuesday, June 23, 2009

two for the price of one

hello! i have been a bad blogger, and i'm sorry. i did take a photo or two this weekend so i have a couple of things to post today, but i have been so blissed out with sam in town i haven't been able to pull myself away long enough to post. he's working in the city for now, so here's a quick recap of the weekend etc.

saturday: brunch, salon, sold some vintage clothes to a sweet girl at old hollywood, beers at the rabbit hole, dinner at roebling, cocktails at a friend's hotel.

sunday: sam! we brunch at aurora (any place with a fried oyster sandwich wins major points from me,) meet a friend at jack's for a fantastic cup of coffee, pop in to the john barlett pop-up shop to say hello to another friend and buy sam some shorts, get sam some flip flops, peep this cool shit, then head back to our hotel to relax for a bit and catch a movie, then rush so's not to be late to dinner, which was delicious. a couple quick drinks before hitting the hay.

monday: checkout of hotel, a quick coffee/bialy around the corner, attempt to visit kiosk (closed on mondays, wop wah,) accompany sam to a business lunch with some friends who will soon have a show in his gallery, then headed back to my place for a nap/bottle rocket viewing. i go to class, he goes to work at a nearby coffee shop, and we meet with the lovely vanessa at the lodge.

this morning: brunch at egg, a quick stop at tops for some groceries, and i need to stop linking so much so i can clean my kitchen and start making raviolis. i'll take some photos.

sunday's outfit at dinner:

dress: i bought in portland at a thriftstore and took in in this weekend while i was avoiding cleaning my room. it now fits like a glove.
shoes: i don't remember. some little place in union square.

and now:

ruffled pink shirt: quail. the back is the coolest part. but i am lazy.
skirt: american apparel
shoes: oak, jeffrey campbell
necklace: from mom
belt: thrifted

okay. lots to do. man to love on. hope everyone is enjoying their week!

xo audrey