Friday, June 12, 2009


hello friends,

yesterday i became another casualty of the recession. indeed, i will never take another photo in the broom closet at work; you will now be able to chart the messiness of my room, i suspect, by eyeing the black and white portion of my photos. i won't post as early in the morning, either. but other than that, the biggest change, i think, will be my demeanor. i loved my coworkers and the company i worked for, and i did so for three long years. but now? now, i essentially get to enjoy a sponsored summer in new york city, a city many argue is the greatest in the world. i won't have to cut a post short to get through a stack of papers, but, rather, to get to the park or my pile of sewing or a museum, play, concert. this will be the audrey summer of love.

so, today i may or may not do an outfit post - this one is from yesterday, the picture taken before i got the news. i left on great terms, and i feel pretty darn good. it's friday, damn it, and i'm going to go get some coffee, read a book, and kick back my legs until it's time to go to class to play with flour and sugar. it's 12:18, and i am still in bed.

let the summer begin!


  1. hooray! happy summer. right now i am sitting in my underwear with a green towel on my head. i have to decide whether to keep reading my zora neale hurston book, or finish my joyce carol oates book. it's a hard life. whatever i choose, there will be coffee & lots of it. also, no pants.

    you're going to have a wonderful summer.

  2. aw, I am sorry to hear that, although it sounds like you now have a lovely blissful summer ahead of you :) enjoy your freedom!

  3. Beautiful outlook you have of this situation! No one wants to hear the news you recieved so making the best of your blank agenda is wonderful. Love the tights and ankle boots here ^_^
    P.S. - I started following you last night :)

  4. Positive outlooks and an openness to life like this lead to greater happiness and greater things in the future. Plus I think sharing this view wears off on people...and that's a good thing. I wish you a full and rich summer!

  5. It sounds like you see the positive side -- parks, sewing etc.

    I'll be interested to hear what is next.