Wednesday, June 3, 2009

it's my birthday too, yeah

good morning! this is the last day i have to get through before a nice, four-day weekend in chicago. boy, am i ready. i was up until about midnight last night studying for a test today (well, okay, studying in between drinking wine and gabbing with my friend kristen) and didn't get any packing done at all, so tonight is going to be kind of a shitshow. no birthday celebration for me - work, school, test, ONE drink, home, pack, shower, sleep, airport. i am tired just thinking about it. oye.

and of course i woke up late today (pretty much par for the course) and let me tell you, these shoes are not good for running-late days. i wear heels a lot, and there are some i can job in, and most i can at least do a stupid-looking fast-walk, but these are too tall and teetery for me to do anything but take small stiff steps.

since i'm going out of town this weekend, i have a lot to do, so yeah, i should do it.

dress: an old express skirt from like 1998
brooch: shoe clip from my mama
socks: american apparel
shoes: aldo

i think i wore damn near this exact same thing on my birthday last year. i spent that one in a wine bar with a bunch of friends in chicago; how time changes things! i can honestly say, though - a lot of people have asked me what i want for my birthday, and i can't think of a thing. i am a very lucky girl and i can't think of anything else i could possibly need. thank you guys so much for reading, and have a wonderful week (if i don't talk to you before monday!)

xo audrey


  1. happppy birthday! big love!

  2. you are so pretty. okay, ill shut up.


  3. Happy birthday Audrey !!!
    I've probably said it before but gosh do I love those socks.

  4. Whoooo! Happy Bday! Let's get together for a celebratory drink soon :)

  5. I discover your blog, when i see what i wore, and i like your style. Sorry but my english is very bad :S