Tuesday, June 16, 2009

my color

for many years, seafoam green was my color. it made up about 75% of my wardrobe. i'm not sure how it started, but every time i saw something in this certain shade of green, i had to have it. still, when family members have a sweater or scarf in this color, they refer to it as "audrey's color." sometime in the last several months, my wardrobe has made a distinctive switch to yellow and pink. pink, of all colors. my closet had been entirely devoid of it for some time, but upon moving to brooklyn i acquired pink pieces of clothing at such an alarming rate that the color now requires an entire square of my ikea bookshelf.

i'm discovering that waking up at a reasonable hour is quite a job in and of itself. now that i don't have to be at work at nine, i have an alarm set for 9:30 am; i thought to myself, that's a reasonable hour, i can still sleep in but have a full day to work with if i rouse myself a bit before ten and get moving and have coffee in hand by a couple hours before noon. instead i've been hitting snooze several times then lying in bed watching the colbert report on hulu until nearly noon every day, and eating "breakfast" when most people are having a late lunch. this has to stop.

bought this dress with an american apparel gift card (so it doesn't count!) this weekend. i just picked up my laundry and am about to begin the laborious task of dividing my clothing into keep, sell to vintage shops, and sell to someone else. i've been thinking about trying to sell some things on this here blog; would there be any takers if i were to do so? please let me know in the comments.

much love, as always;

xo, audrey


  1. you look so great in that color, no wonder you used to gravitate towards it!

    i think your wardrobe is fabulous and would totally buy some things if you would sell them on the blog, although i don't know how many i would necessarily fit into :)

  2. hellooo!
    i just started reading your blog. i would possibly be interested in buying some clothes, you have such cute style! i've had my eyes on that dress from american apparel for awhile.

  3. audrey, it's emily (sam's friend). i'll buy your clothes. with pleasure:). hope you're hangin in there. yay for summer.

  4. cute cute dress, I'm always down for some virtual shopping, so count me in!

  5. emily, you can be my friend too? maybe? please? and thank you everyone! i'll start posting stuff be the end of the week.

  6. you gotta be kidding. of course your things will sell - like hot cakes! count me in, please!