Tuesday, June 9, 2009

phoning it in

my alarm goes off at 7:38 every morning. i have to be at work at 9, which means i should leave my apartment no later than 8:30 to get there on time. generally, i snooze the alarm until about 8:05 or so, then i flip on my lamp and turn on NPR. from here, i give myself a few more minutes to squint around the room and figure out what i'm going to wear. by the time i finally stumble out of bed at about a quarter after, it's just a matter of throwing on whatever pieces of clothing i've eyeballed, brushing my teeth, throwing my hair in a messy ponytail, locating my keys and heading out the door. this morning, though, i just couldn't find a damn thing to wear. i've posted a couple of photos of my bedroom before, so you may have something of an idea how disastrous it gets. right now it is bad. i mean BAD. i shove a pile of clothes to the side of my bed to sleep every night; i just did laundry but i've been out of town so much that it still sits in a heap on my bed, and there is a much bigger pile that now needs washing. the problem is simply that my schedule doesn't really allow for free time. last night i had class until eleven, and i have a friend visiting from chicago whom i dearly love but is not one for going to bed early. tonight i have plans with a couple of friends to celebrate our birthdays. tomorrow, class. and so on. i'm hoping this weekend will be a greatly productive one. i want to drop off some clothes to the vintage shop, do all my laundry, and start figuring out how to get rid of all of my furniture before i move back to chicago.

anyway, all of this is a means to explain that i am wearing jeans and a tank top today, and it feels awesome. lazy, but awesome.

jeans: cheap monday
shirt: anthropologie
shoes: vintage, etsy
ring: vintage, etsy
necklace: erica weiner harmonica necklace

i got a really cute birthday card in the mail from anthropologie, and i might sneak in at some point today and see if there's anything i wanna use it on.

and lastly, because this is a pretty boring post over all, some photos i found in an old yearbook from 1955 that i have been saving for a rainy day. it's chilly and thunderstorming, so i think the time is right.


  1. lazy but looking beautiful anyway ;)

  2. awesome shoes. for me, my sleeping companions are at my feet, not by my side. i do wish to go back to less is more, but it's impossible. i don't shop in malls anymore. i go to flea markets almost every week. i'm unstoppable. yet i face indecision on a daily basis. help.