Wednesday, November 4, 2009


hallo! today i bring you a post made up of things that have been lying around my apartment - either in my fridge or the back of my closet - for some time now.

i got home from job hunting at around 7:00 pm, a bit chilled, tired, and starving. i set out to use some of the copious amounts of leftover food in the refrigerator after days on end of cooking meals from scratch. the first course was easy enough: a variation on the carrot soup recipe i posted a couple of weeks ago. i made a big batch this weekend and had plenty left over, so i reheated one portion on the stove, added some balled and sliced granny smith apple, and set that aside. next to use up the rest of the apple, some of the cheeses taking up space in the fridge after a (very disappointing) lasagna last week, and some wheat sourdough bread about to go bad. sautéed the bread, added ricotta, prosciutto, tomato, and granny smith apples, and voila! a nice little soup and sandwich combo. i added a hard pear cider for good measure.

post-dinner i retreated into my bedroom for some reading until my friend amy arrived from portland. in new york for one night only for work, we spent the evening drinking wine. . . plenty of it. . . and chatting until she had to head to her hotel. as a strange result of this copious wine consumption, i woke up this morning and checked my email to discover that i had somehow purchased a raccoon-tailed hat off etsy late last night. i have no regrets.

today a dress i bought almost a year ago at a pop-up flea market in chelsea; a belt i bought at urban outfitters that has but once seen the light of day; and a hat i picked up at an odd shop in my neighborhood and can't quite figure out what to do with. it perches on my head in such a way that it kind of looks like a bonnet; i considered naming this post "little miss muffet" because that's what i feel like in it.

dress: flea market
belt: UO
shoes: alice and olivia for payless
hat: small antique store in fort greene

i'm out again to paper brooklyn with my resumé. have a lovely afternoon, everyone!

xo audrey

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  1. That sandwich sounds awesome and that dress is so sweet and light! I love it paired with the more substantial booties! Good luck on the job front!