Monday, November 2, 2009

dreams for sale

okay, that sounds super sad. it really isn't. but i bought this dress months ago after salivating over it for a few weeks; it's beautiful in person, but i've only worn it once or twice and i just never liked it in person as much as i did on the model. (go figure.) it wasn't cheap, so i want to just put it out there that i'm willing to sell and see if there are any takers. it's the beaut seen here:

and here:

it's a size small, and it has an elastic waist so there's plenty of room for a good fit. there is a bit of fraying on the pleated silk in the front, but it really doesn't detract from the dress; other than that, it's as good as new.

if you're interested, email me ( or leave a comment.

xo audrey


  1. this is GORGEOUS
    love how youre not afraid to put yellow with the gold sequined flats

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  2. I don't know Audrey, I think you might have to reconsider. It is STUNNING on you!

  3. my vote is that you reconsider as well. you look wonderful in this dress.

  4. I am think you should reconsider, Audrey. This dress is beyond gorgeous on you. It is probably one of my favorites that I have seen you wear. Please don't sell it! :)


  5. I vote reconsider too!! It's sooooo gorgeous!!! I love yellow!! And the dress is soooo fab!


  6. it really is quite should keep it!

  7. Your outfit is fabulous. With both shoes :)

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  8. i would love to purchase it if you still have it! my email is

  9. It is a really lovely, happy, sunshiney yellow dress. I think you should give it another go, as well. But if not .... just out of curiosity, how much are you selling for?

    [ erica dot n dot taylor at gmail dot com ]